Posted on: August 8, 2012 1:35 am

Cody Paul last seen as the 'White Reggie Bush'

<p>Everyone was wondering what happened to the little kid dubbed 'White Reggie Bush'.  He waited a long time in hopes to get some interest in top schools,  but no one was interested.  Well, he's found a home.  Chadron State signed the kid to a Football scholarship!  I am truly glad for him...and I wish him luck.<br /><br /><br />If you have nno clue who he is, check out his videos at youtube (Cody Paul)  <br /><br />Impressive kid. Small, but impressive.  <br /><br />  </p>

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Posted on: December 5, 2011 9:22 pm

Notre Dame need to give this one back

1. Notre Dame QB Paul Hornung over Syracuse RB Jim Brown (1956)

The “Golden Boy” led Notre Dame in passing, rushing, touchdowns, punting and as a reliable return man. But Hornung’s Irish finished 2-8 and he had three touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Let those numbers soak in for a second.

Brown, who finished fifth in the voting (Johnny Majors was second), put forth one of the most-impressive seasons for a college football player in history. He ran for 986 yards and amassed 14 total touchdowns in just eight games for Syracuse.

This wasn’t just another Notre Dame player being overrated, this was blatant racism by the voters. Legendary sports writer Dick Schaap was so outraged he vowed to never vote for the Heisman again.

This is an utter shame.  Forget the racism.  Just look at the numbers.  I have no idea what the passing, rushing, punt returnyardage or touchdowns were...Notre Dame sucked that year.

This is about Notre Dame fans claiming the Heisman.  Sure Reggie Bush's Trophy is gone, but you cannot argue what he did...'Legendary' do Soldiers of Troy a favor and give that one back.  

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Posted on: November 17, 2011 11:57 pm

Talk about Tebow?

Okay...everyone on the NFL Network team, said the Jets would win.  They still have to say something about his technigue...or whatever.  I am a USC Trojan fan and a Denver Bronco fan.  I desparately wanted SC to play UF when Sanchez was there....we blew it vs Oregon State.  Tebow went on to win the crystal ball after the loss to Ole Miss. 

Let all say Tebow is a guy who wants to win, he doesn't have the 'typical' QB stuff...but guess what?  He has something, because he is 4-1 this year, the Broncos will be tied for first in the West after this weekend!!!

Merle Hodge shut up..he is winning, the guy who played for Baltimore, and Tampa...QB shut it wished you had as much talent, pure athleticism as Tebow.  I have to be a Tebow fan.  He plays for Denver...

Now, let's talk about what Denver's defense did.  Pick 6, fumble, a number of shut stopping defense...Denver is getting better before you eyes.  Confidence...'Mile High Magic' is coming back. 

The Broncos could be in first place after this weekend!!!  Combined effort...the Broncos are plaing ball now!!!

Get use to it!!!!
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